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Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush takes you on a challenging adventure through endless winding tunnels. Control your spaceship and avoid obstacles to achieve the highest score.

Speed race in endless tunnels

This endless game aims to control an uncontrolled spaceship hurtling through a colorful 3D tunnel, where obstacles appear continuously and the game's speed gradually increases. by the time. The goal of the game is to challenge your reflexes and concentration, requiring you to quickly avoid obstacles and continue the race.

Move the spaceship using the on-screen buttons or arrow keys to avoid walls. They can have many different shapes, may not or may not move; and you need to go through the hole if you don't want to touch them.

It's an endless game, meaning that as long as you don't hit the obstacle wall, you can go as long as you want. The farther you go, the higher your score, so try to conquer and get the highest score possible. And another difficulty is that the game's speed is also getting faster and faster, meaning you need to concentrate more to avoid the walls.

Flappy Bird - The same endless game

In addition to this game Flappy Bird is also an endless game without running into water pipes. Both have in common that the number of points determines how far you go, as far as you can go. Once you touch the obstacle, all efforts will return to zero and you will start over from the beginning, trying to conquer a higher score than previous times to set a new record.

The game also requires players to concentrate when going further because the game pace is also faster. Immerse yourself in that space to get the highest score possible. The advantage of this game is that it creates attraction for players who want to conquer higher scores than previous games, creating motivation to desire higher scores and not be able to stop.