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Spiral Roll

Spiral Roll creates scrolls of wood and launches it as needed to remove saws and barriers. Complete the challenge successfully without any problems.

Spiral Roll creates rolled pieces of wood

Use the awl to create rolled pieces of wood by driving the object into the wood. This item will automatically create rolled pieces of wood. Holding it longer will create a large rolled piece of wood, and holding it less will create a small rolled piece of wood. One of the effects of creating a rolled piece of wood is to remove obstacles that can affect the rolling process. Sometimes the rolled piece of wood is too large or too small, which also affects the rolling process, so creating a rolled piece of wood that is just right is most reasonable.

Control of this game is very simple. You just need to touch and hold the screen to start rolling the wood. As you roll, obstacles begin to appear - simply release your hand to launch the scrolling piece of wood, thereby removing these barriers. The game progresses as you progress through levels, each level bringing new challenges and rewards.

Small tips while playing

Don't touch too quickly or hold for too long. This can cause your rolled piece of wood to be too small or too large, making it difficult to overcome obstacles. Always try to find a balance in size. Also, be prepared for different types of obstacles as you progress through the levels - some may require larger wooden scrolls to get through.