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Cake Slice Ninja

Cake Slice Ninja becomes the ultimate sweets slasher without hitting bombs. A new version replaces the classic version to create variety and innovation.

Sweets slasher in Cake Slice Ninja

The sweets will be thrown into the air and your task is to cut the sweets in half. Slash all of them in your sight, especially when many sweets are released at once, use one slash to slash them all. Not only will this help you perform the mission faster, but you will also get more points from creating more combos.

Be careful of the three scars

There is no end point to the game and the game only ends when you miss cutting up to three sweets. Any food that falls but has not been slashed is counted as missed and the game will calculate the number of scars for you. If you use up all three opportunities, the game will end and the challenging journey will return to the beginning.

Avoid bombs

Any bombs are advised not to touch them. Once you activate them, all your efforts will disappear and the game will stop. There is no tolerance so be careful with all your slashing actions.

Game modes

  • Classic mode: The game has no time limit, it only ends if you use up all three chances from missing cutting sweets and avoiding bombs during the game. Concentrate highly so as not to miss the opportunity and avoid mistakes if you encounter a bomb.
  • Arcade mode: This mode will calculate play time. The challenge lasts for one minute and during this time slash all the sweets. One thing to note in this mode is that you can touch bombs because it does not have a game-ending feature, but an activated bomb will have 50 points deducted from the total points you earned from the beginning. If you don't want to waste the points you've earned, don't make this mistake. Freeze time is the most special feature of this mode during gameplay. To summon this feature you need to create a combo from four sweets in one slash. The benefit of this job is that it gives you five seconds of time freeze so you can slash all the sweets on the screen or launch more sweets than usual and after five seconds, the game will return to how it was.

Related games

This game is inspired by Fruit Slasher with a sweets version. Fruit slashing has been upgraded to sweets slashing, creating richness for the slice genre game. Here you will meet many different types of sweets such as cookies, candies, cakes, ect. If you are a fan of sweets you will definitely like them. Fill your heart with sweets waiting for you to chow down.

If you have successfully conquered Slice Masters, this game cannot be difficult for you. By using the mouse or touching the screen make a horizontal line like a knife slash and cut all the sweets.