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Knife Ninja

Knife Ninja challenges your knife throwing talent. Throw the knives at the board in the middle of the screen and avoid them touching the other knives.

Show off your knife throwing talent

Throw a knife at the board

If you have mastered using knives in Slice Masters, this game cannot be difficult for you. Your task is very simple, just throw ten knives at the board placed in the center of the screen. Do you think this is boring, not at all because the board will not stay in one place but it will move around with other objects such as knives, obstacles, apples. Throw all the knives into the board without letting them touch each other. If just one small error occurs, you will stop the game and do the challenge again for the first time.

The knife hit the fruit

Do you want to get extra points or not? In each challenge, apples will be randomly distributed. Hit the fruit with a knife to prove your knife throwing talent. A challenge can involve two or more apples, throw a knife and cut them in half.

Do not touch other objects

The apple is the only thing that is allowed to be touched, other things like knives or other objects cannot be touched because it will stop you from the challenge. Be careful in every step and observe the moving board to make the best moves.

Watch the board move

The board in the middle of the screen will change with each challenge, it changes the different fruits available such as tomatoes, apples, pineapples, ect. But the most important thing is its ability to rotate. It moves quickly and slowly randomly, so you should observe its every movement, take advantage of the slow movements of the board to throw the knife. This is also the most optimal way for you to successfully complete the challenge.

The difficulty of the challenge gradually increases

As you experience, you will see that the difficulty of the game will gradually increase over time. With the first levels, the board will rotate slowly to help you get used to the game. Later on, the difficulty gradually increases with the speed of the board spinning faster. It can be distracting, but be patient and wait for the free time to quickly throw a knife at the screen. At a certain level, the board's rotation speed will reach its peak. Only a genuine knife-throwing expert can conquer it. Are you the expert you're looking for?

Test your patience

The heart of this game is patience. Because the game does not limit the time to complete the challenge, you can leisurely complete the challenge until you pass the next level. Especially for difficult levels, you need to be patient. Being impatient can make it take you a long time to complete a challenge. If you want to practice your patience, this game is perfect.

Prove your knife throwing skills in Knife Ninja. Practicing patience and playing style will help you become a knife master without any skills that can make it difficult for you. After conquering this game, you will receive many benefits not only in terms of entertainment but also skills.