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Slice It All

Slice It All keeps your eyes fascinated by cutting everything in sight with a knife. Become a knife master, be careful with spikes during the slashing process.

Specifically about Slice It All

Cut everything with a knife

Things that knives can cut include emojis, wooden sticks, foam, ect, and many other things that can be cut in half. Each cut item gets a certain number of points. For example, with a wooden stick, if you cut it successfully, you will get one point, with an emoji, you will get fifty points, etc. Cut everything in your sight and cut it completely without missing any object. Correct positioning of the knife is the key to helping you cut everything.

The only thing to avoid is Spikes

You can cut everything in half except the Spikes. This is the obstacle that you need to pay attention to during the cutting process. If you cut them, you can stop the game and start over. However, an opportunity will still occur for you to continue your unfinished journey. Quickly overcome mistakes from last time and move towards the finish line. Overcoming many challenges, the difficulty of the challenge increases, meaning there are more and more obstacles and the closer the distance between them will be, putting pressure on you to complete the challenge. In addition to Spikes, there are some other objects that may not be cut but can hinder you, can you overcome them?

How to control the knife

Choose to click the mouse or touch the screen to make the knife move forward. Double-click multiple times and the knife will fly higher.

Bonus points

After each level, the points you earn from the beginning of the level to the end can be awarded with additional points. This bonus point can help you add more points but can also cause you to lose a lot of points. This depends on the precision of the knife when pinning a specific mark on the pole. The higher the reward score, the harder it is to get. Which landmark will your knife be pinned to?

Unlock new weapons

Starting the game is a simple knife, if you want to change to another weapon, you need a certain amount of money to exchange. The money you earn through levels is accumulated and used to buy new weapons. Collect all the weapons in your citadel shop.

Similar game to Slice It All

Slice It All has a lot of similarities with Slice Masters, from graphics to gameplay. Especially for objects that appear in the game, you can also see emojis, wooden bars, and bonus points columns. Similar gameplay by moving the knife to cut everything it can cut and reach the goal.

The special thing that differentiates Slice Masters from Slice It All is the presence of food and fruit that can make you hungry while eating. In addition, the risk in F's bonus points is also more dramatic, making it difficult for players to predict the results.