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Brain Test 2

Brain Test 2 helps you train your mind and stimulate creative thinking. Overcoming surprising logic puzzles, you will discover some new abilities of yourself.

Find out the truth of the challenge

You will play the role of a detective to find the truth of the challenge. Relying on the inherent principles of some details will help you clarify the challenge. You will need to apply a lot of practical principles applied in this game. Or if you don't know, this game can help you gain some useful knowledge.

Special features of Brain Test 2

Diverse and Creative Puzzles

The game brings you a series of diverse and creative puzzles. You will encounter logic puzzles, math puzzles, and simulation challenges. Each puzzle requires you to think quickly, find smart solutions and take advantage of all available hints to arrive at the correct answer. Sometimes, the answer is not what you think, and this creates interesting surprises during the game.

Logical Thinking Challenge

The game is a great place to challenge your logical thinking and creativity. You will have to think outside the box, finding non-traditional methods to solve puzzles. Sometimes, combining different elements or finding new tips and tricks can help you overcome obstacles. Observe, analyze and apply your knowledge to achieve the correct solution. If you love such entertaining intellectual games, I think you should not ignore some other games like Happy Glass or Merge Fruit.