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Drive Mad

Drive Mad engages in breathtaking chases. Leave all the rules behind, immerse yourself in the world of speed where there is only instinct and passion.

Drive Crazy On The Race Track

Become a crazy driver, ready to face high-speed and adventurous races on the track. With breakneck speeds and dangerous turns, you will need concentration and quick reflexes to overcome other competitors and reach the finish line first. Get ready to drive crazy and become a champion on every track!

Challenging Racing on Diverse Terrains

This game offers you a series of diverse and interesting racing tracks. From bustling city tracks to lush forest tracks, from hot sandy deserts to rugged mountain peaks, the game gives you unique racing experiences in each environment. Each track has its own challenges, from obstacles on the road to sudden hits and acceleration from opponents. Show off your driving skills and face every challenge on the track!

Simple gameplay

The controls in this game are extremely simple, use the left/right arrow keys to move back/forward through challenges. To become a great racer, you need to practice your skills and reflexes to conquer winding and obstacle-filled tracks.

Game for speed lovers

If you are a lover of speed and technical drifting, Drive Mad and Slice Rush are the games for you. Visit our website today and immerse yourself in the crazy world of speed!