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Slope Game

Slope Game takes part in an adventurous ball race on a winding road. It requires your concentration and skill to overcome obstacles and achieve high scores.

Exciting Ball Racing Experience

Play as a small ball, falling freely on a never-ending slope. Your goal is to control the ball to avoid obstacles and at the same time collect colored marbles to increase your score. The track is not easy, with sharp turns, steep slopes and moving obstacles. Get ready to face challenges and enjoy the thrill of racing!

Fast Response and Accurate Calculation

Similar to Kitten Hide And Seek, this game requires you to have quick reactions and accurate calculation ability. With the fast speed of the ball and the constant changes of the track, you must make decisions in a short time to avoid collisions with obstacles. At the same time, you also need to calculate the right time to collect colored marbles to increase your score. Practice your skills and overcome all challenges!

Feeling of Success When Conquering Challenges

Overcoming obstacles and completing levels in Slope Game gives you a great feeling of success. The more difficult levels you conquer, the more proud you feel of your skills and abilities.

How to control

Just tap and swipe on the screen to move the ball left or right. However, to conquer challenging levels, you need to practice your control skills and reflexes to avoid obstacles and move the ball accurately.