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Kitten Hide And Seek

Kitten Hide And Seek combines the fun of hide and seek with the mischief of cats. Delivering an engaging experience that keeps you engaged for hours.

Simple and attractive gameplay

The goal of the game is to help a little girl find items in her house. However, the interesting thing is that there is a mischievous kitten always lurking and ready to catch the little girl. Your task is to control the little girl to move around the house, hide behind furniture and avoid the kitten.

Unique hiding mechanism

Kitten Hide And Seek offers a unique hiding mechanism, requiring you to use your intelligence and sharp observation ability. You need to choose the right time to move, and at the same time take advantage of furniture such as tables, chairs, and shelves to shield your baby girl from the kitten's sight.

Diverse levels and challenges

The game offers many levels with increasing difficulty, giving you increasingly tough challenges. Each level is a new house with a unique design, along with a more intelligent and cunning kitten. You need to use all your abilities to complete the mission and bring victory to the girl. Complete a tiny house for girls by preparing all the necessary items for a house. Also, buy her new clothes to change into.

Play Kitten Hide And Seek on our website

This game is free on your smartphone or tablet and join the fun-filled adventure with adorable kittens. All games on our website are free so don't miss any games, especially Slice It All. The game promises to bring you wonderful moments of fun and relaxation.