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Perfect Slices

Perfect Slices becomes a master of using a knife to slice ingredients. Slice into multiple slices to add many points and avoid obstacles during the finish line.

Become a knife master in Perfect Slices

Ingredients that need to be sliced such as potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers and many other ingredients will be placed on the table. Your task is to use a knife to cut the ingredients into many small slices. The more and smaller the slices, the higher the score. Continuous slicing creates a quick slicing effect mixed with lively sound. Cutting into small slices also helps you get to the finish line faster. On the contrary, if you slice too big, reaching the finish line will take longer, take more effort, and the score you will receive will be lower. Try to adjust your slicing speed to suit each cooking ingredient.

To become a knife master, you need to make your slicing movements faster. One click is one cut, the more clicks, the more slices. The principle of this game is that creating more slices will help you reach the finish line faster, so practice is necessary. More practice will help your slicing skills. Conquering this game is no longer difficult when you have extensive experience.

Similar to Slice Masters, this game requires you to have professional knife techniques. Even if you are not a professional knife user, through these games, your knife skills will improve. The important thing is to calibrate the position and time for the objects to be cut.

Carefully slice the knife into the obstacle

The cutting board and some other obstacles will be randomly inserted in the pile of ingredients placed on the table. If you accidentally cut into them, the knife stun will appear for two seconds and then return to the original knife state. Touching an obstacle can make your process of completing the challenge take longer. So limit slashing knives at obstacles to quickly reach the finish line. The challenge will get more and more difficult as you go deeper. The distance of obstacles close together can cause you to make mistakes, so you need to be highly focused during the slicing process.

How to play

By touching the screen or using mouse clicks to slice items. The more you click, the more slices you create.

Weapons and cooking ingredients


In addition to the knife that often appears in each game, you have many other choices to complete the challenge. The weapons will be hidden and you need a certain amount of diamonds to unlock them. Explore and collect them all.

Cooking ingredients

The original ingredients include carrots, bell peppers and mushrooms. Are you curious what the mysterious ingredients that haven't been unlocked are? If you want to know, join the challenge to unlock them. To do that, you don't need to spend anything, instead doing more challenges with more experience will help you unlock them all. You will find the game captivating as it lets you experience new, unpredictable things.