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Slice Masters

Slice Masters stimulates the mind and attracts the attention of ASMR game lovers. Cut everything and relax by listening to the sounds after cutting them.

Overview Of Slice Masters

This entertaining game will blow your mind as you cut everything a knife can cut. Each thing cut will earn a certain score, but the ultimate experience of this game is cutting a series of things at once in one cut, plus relaxing ASMR sound effects that will keep players excited. At the end of each level is a bonus point, the final number of points you receive may be greater or less than the number of points you earned during the cutting process. Trying to cut everything will give you an advantage in competing for points with your opponents.

Tasks You Need To Do

Cut Everything With A Knife

Things that you can cut include fruits, food, sticks along with many other things. For each cut, you will be given one point. The more you cut, the higher your score, remember, cutting combos will help you get more points.

Cut everything that the knife passes through, it will automatically move forward so take advantage every time you see any object. Move at the right time to create combos in one go. You will receive a point incentive if you create a combo.

Each challenge is different and they are not fixed. Not only that, with each retry, objects will be refreshed and replaced, giving you a new feeling during the game.

Things You Shouldn't Do

There are two things that you need to keep in mind while cutting things with a knife. Read the following carefully to avoid mistakes during play.

Do not let the knife touch the ground

This is the first basic thing of this game. You absolutely must not let the knife fall to the ground if you do not want the game to stop. There is no second chance for you so you have to be very careful not to make mistakes.

Do not let the knife touch obstacles

The second thing you should not do is touch your knife to spikes, hammers or some thorny obstacles. It causes your knife to chip if you touch them. There is still a chance for you to complete the unfinished challenge if you choose help when the game appears. You have the right to choose help if you want it. However, there is only one opportunity, so take advantage of the right opportunity. The higher the level, the more likely you are to encounter obstacles and the distance between obstacles becomes closer and closer, so get used to it and practice to improve your skills.

How To Control The Knife

The knife will automatically move forward after each click. To move the knife, click the mouse if you play on the computer and click the screen if you play on the phone. The more you double tap, the higher the knife moves. If you don't tap the screen or click the mouse, the knife will automatically fall, so always click and move to the position you want.

Main Features During Playing

Bonus Points

At the end of the level, a score column appears. It can be addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by your current score. Throw the knife at the landmark you want to get the points you want. Milestones will have corresponding points and random calculations. Whichever position the knife hits at the end, you will receive the corresponding point. Your score may increase or decrease depending on your knife position. The important thing in this game is the exact location and timing to get the points you want. Sometimes your estimate may be higher than you expected or lower than you expected.

Collect Different Types Of Knives

At the bottom of the screen on the left corner of the screen is a store containing many different knives or weapons to serve your work. Initially there is a normal knife image, if you want to unlock other weapons, you need some money to get them. Various weapons will be randomly opened and you need to exchange them with money. The number of weapons unlocked will be proportional to the exchange amount. The more weapons you unlock, the more money you spend. Collect all the weapons in the store and add them to your weapon collection.

Tips To Become The Master Of Cutting Everything

Aim For Precision

Accurate timing is the important factor for you to collect the most points. Try to make many precise slices in one go to get a perfect score. Sloppy or inaccurate cuts hardly get many points. Hayc is very careful with every move and movement of the knife to get the highest score possible.

Use Rotation And Angle

Take advantage of the knife's ability to rotate while cutting things. Choose to rotate the knife quickly or slowly to reach the position you desire. At the same time, pay attention to the angle of the object, it can either hinder or help you in the process of cutting the object. Observation is the key point for you to align the knife to the position you want.

Practice, Practice And Practice

Becoming a knife cutting master requires a lot of practice. The more you practice, the more you will understand the playing mechanism and choose the way that suits you to get the most points. When practicing to a certain ability, challenge yourself with more difficult levels to improve your playing level.

Graphical Features Of Slice Masters

3D Imitation Design

Although the fake 3D image is not too sharp, it still makes players eye-catching things, especially when cutting something in half, creating a realistic feeling like you are cutting or chopping something real. Not too fussy in design but still ensures a variety of colors in things to attract players' eyes. You can see many colors from fruits, food, ect that make you not quit the game and just want to play forever.

ASMR Sounds

Every time you cut something, a sound will immediately make a sound. The more things slashed at once, the better the sound effect will be. So, if you are an ASMR sound lover, wear headphones to best experience these sounds. The benefits of main sound help you be both entertained and relaxed.

Slice Masters ASMR Game

Slice Masters belongs to the ASMR game genre. This is a quite unique game genre and is the perfect choice for those who love ASMR. So what is ASMR game? ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It refers to a pleasant and relaxing tingling sensation that some individuals experience in response to specific auditory or visual stimuli. ASMR has gained popularity in recent years, and many people use it to relax, relieve stress, and promote better sleep.

An ASMR game is a type of game that incorporates ASMR elements into its gameplay and design to induce those relaxing sensations. These games aim to create a calming and soothing experience for players by utilizing gentle sounds, soft visuals, and tactile interactions. The goal is to provide players with a sensory-rich environment that triggers their ASMR response and helps them unwind.

ASMR games often feature activities or scenarios that are known to elicit ASMR triggers. This may include whispering voices, tapping sounds, gentle movements, or visual stimuli like slow and deliberate motions. Players can engage with these elements through their devices, such as tapping on objects, dragging their fingers across the screen, or interacting with virtual environments in a gentle and rhythmic manner.

Slice Masters Idea

This game is inspired by the games Slice It All and Fruit Ninja. Let's take a look at these two classic games:

Fruit Ninja is a classic downloadable game that has been loved for over two decades. Use the image of a ninja knife to cut the entire fruit in half that is thrown into the air. Cutting a series of fruits in one go helps you gain extra points. Great graphics along with simple but attractive gameplay, later versions have the special features of some special fruits and a number of other game modes to diversify the playing style. The image of using a knife to cut fruit into two is an idea for future slashing games. With the improvement of later games, not only cutting fruit, but cutting objects is the innovation point.

In addition, to reduce limitations for players in downloading games to their phones or laptops, the online version was created so players can easily access it at any time without wasting any space. And as long as your laptop or phone has internet connection, you can easily access and play it anytime, anywhere you want.

Slice It All is considered the same version and has many similarities with Slice Masters. Use the image of a knife cutting everything it can cut. It's hard to see the difference between these two games because they use quite similar images like fruits, objects like wood, pencils, ect. And at the end of the corresponding level, there will be bonus points to increase or lower your score. In addition, the two games are also designed online to help players easily experience. Perhaps because they have so many similarities, it is difficult for players to identify the differences.