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Slice Rush

Slice Rush is looking for a super chef with top food chopping skills. Slice all ingredients as many slices as possible to increase your current score.

Review the mission

The job you need to do is chop all the food ingredients displayed on an endless table. Use food slicing techniques from real and games and cut them into slices. The faster the knife speed helps you cut more slices. The higher the number of slices, the more your current score will be. Slice all the fruit until the knife is resting on a red pillow. This is an honor that only a super chef can do with a knife that always accompanies the chef.

Create multiple slices

The benefit of creating multiple slices is to increase your current score as well as help you reach the finish line faster. Notice a circle on the left side of the screen recording your slice number. The more slices created in a short time will help you double, triple, quadruple and the ultimate is to multiply your score.

Avoid touching things that will cause the knife to chip

Some items such as cutting boards, saw blades, etc. can cause your knife to get chipped and dizzy, which means the extra points will end and go back to the beginning. Not only that, it also makes the process of completing the challenge take longer than you expected. So avoid touching them to continue completing unfinished tasks.

How to chop ingredients

Just click or tap the screen and you can create a slice. To create multiple slices, just click on the screen as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Unlock some features

Unlock other ingredients

With available ingredients such as bananas, apples, oranges, carrots, and mushrooms throughout the game, if you want to unlock other ingredients, you need to complete some challenges to open them. Quickly complete challenges and unlock hidden ingredients.

Unlock another knife

In addition to the classic chef's kitchen knife, you can try your hand at other hidden knives. With only 100 diamonds, you can unlock them. Complete as many levels as possible to accumulate points and use the money you earn to collect all the knives.

Cross Chop technique in cooking

This is the technique used to slice all ingredients into thin and quick slices. Because it focuses on quick slicing, the slices are not evenly sliced but the overall look is still very smooth and even. The speed of using the knife will gradually change from slow to faster. Just move the knife up and down, limit the pressure on the knife and use your hand to adjust the knife. This is considered one of the top techniques that every chef must master if they want to become a super chef. From slicing rough and hard ingredients to thin and fragile ingredients, everything must be done proficiently.

This technique is also applied in Slice Masters. With rough and hard ingredients, use the knife appropriately to ensure knife speed while still ensuring the ingredients are cut into many pieces. The faster you use the knife, the more slices you can cut.