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Slice It Fair

Slice It Fair challenges players to portion out fruit. Cut the fruit so that the cutting ratio is not too different. The lower the odds, the higher the score.

Become a master at dividing the fruit evenly

The task of this game is to divide the fruits so that their difference is the lowest. The fruits come in many different shapes, such as round, square, triangular, or irregular polygons. The challenge lies in finding the most efficient way to divide the image to achieve equal parts. The lower the difference ratio, the higher the score and conversely, the higher the difference ratio, the lower the score. If the difference is more than ten percent, you will have to do the challenge again. Get a perfect score when you divide the fruit equally among the cups of water. The game starts with the task of dividing the fruit equally between two cups of water. Gradually, the challenge will become more difficult as the cups of water increase, the ability to divide equally between multiple cups will be more difficult than two cups.

The deeper you go, the more complex shapes and more challenging levels you will encounter. It is necessary to carefully analyze a given shape, consider angles and proportions, and plan cuts strategically to ensure fairness in the division of objects.

How to play

Any fruit needs to be divided into portions so that the ratio of water in the cups does not differ too much. Move the knife by clicking the mouse or touching the screen, drag the mouse or drag the screen to start dividing parts.

Tip to get relative score

Use symmetry

Symmetry can be applied in the challenge of dividing water equally between two cups. If the fruit shape has symmetrical properties, take advantage of them. Cutting along the line of symmetry can simplify the process and result in more equal portions and a lower ratio between the two cups of water.

Use limited cuts wisely

If the game imposes limits on the number of cuts you can make, use them wisely. Prioritize cuts that create the greatest divide and contribute to equity.

Requires sharp ability in dividing fruit

To play this game successfully, you need to have sharp thinking in dividing fruit. This is a skill that helps you self-criticize. Getting a fair number of points shows that you have a keen ability to divide fruit. If you are not proficient, don't worry, practice will help you hone this skill.

Increase your practice

Practice is always the optimal method to master dividing fruit in standard proportions. When you practice to a certain level, you will discover and find the playing method that suits you. This game helps you improve your logical and sharp thinking

The game belongs to the genre of reasoning and logic

Slice It Fair uses a lot of logic to play most effectively. This means you need to be good at analyzing mathematics and applying it to the game. If you love this logic game, you should not miss Slice Masters. A game also needs to use logic and reasoning to get the most complete results. What are you waiting for? Try it now!