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Merge Fruit

Merge Fruit is a fun, relaxing and brain-training puzzle game. Where you merge fruits to create new and more valuable fruits, especially watermelons.

Merge Fruit: A simple and relaxing entertainment experience

Merge similar fruits to create new fruits of higher value. The more premium fruits you create, the more points you earn.

Move the fruits on the screen by dragging and dropping them. Match two fruits of the same type, they will turn into a new fruit. For example, when you combine two apples, they will turn into an orange. Try to produce the highest value fruits, like pineapples, apricots, kiwis, or strawberries, especially watermelons. However, there is one main thing to note: avoid letting the screen be filled with fruit, otherwise you will lose.

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How to merge fruit

Move the randomly generated fruit at the top of the screen by dragging and dropping the mouse or moving it manually to the position you want. Then click or tap the screen once to let the fruit fall into the box.

Tips for merging fruit effectively

Choose the location to drop the fruit so that it is most likely to be matched with fruits of the same type on the screen. You should arrange the fruits in order from smallest to largest and always put the largest fruit in the innermost corner of the screen to create mass merging. This is the easiest way to earn points that you should apply.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the next fruit that will be released soon. This is a detail that many players do not care about, but it also plays an equally important role. You can know the next fruit to arrange the fruit accordingly during the game.

Try to produce the highest value fruits, like pineapples, apricots, kiwis, or strawberries. You will earn more points and free up space for other fruits. Creating as many valuable fruits as possible helps in finding the fruit with the greatest value.