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Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 ready for a challenging and exciting adventure? It will take you on a breathtaking adventure through mysterious ancient temples.

Play the role of an explorer searching for treasure

With this game, you will experience a dramatic and adventurous race through ancient areas, from mysterious temples to green fields filled with trees. The goal is to escape the horned monsters and protect the bullet, while collecting gems and items that help you overcome obstacles.

Main game modes

Classic mode: This is the basic game mode, try to run as far as possible on dangerous roads, avoid obstacles and collect the highest score possible.

Challenges mode: Face special challenges. There are many different types of challenges, from completing specific goals, achieving certain scores, or passing levels with special conditions. This is a great way to test your skills and earn special rewards.

Global Challenges mode: Challenge players from all over the world. You will participate in daily or weekly challenges, and try to achieve the best results to rank on the global leaderboard.

Control the character

Use the arrow keys to move if you play on the computer. Slide the movement directions as you want if you play on your phone or tablet.

Improvements in the second version

Environmental diversification: The game gives players many new areas to explore, including ancient temples, tropical forests, green fields and modern cities. Each area has its own unique environments, obstacles, and challenges, creating variety and excitement for the game.

New Characters: Many new characters that players can unlock and play. Each character has its own special skills and strengths, helping you overcome obstacles more easily. Having a wide selection of characters brings variety and customization to the gaming experience.

New items: Many new items and special effects. You can use items like armor, sails or special shots to help you avoid obstacles or increase your score. Special effects make the game more exciting, for example running on a plane or sliding on a water track.

Upgrade system: The game offers a powerful upgrade system, allowing you to upgrade characters, items, and skills to improve gameplay. You can unlock and upgrade enhancements such as speed boost, invulnerability extension, jump power boost and more, helping you cover longer distances and achieve high scores.

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