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Sushi Slicer

Sushi Slicer takes you into the culinary world of Japanese dishes. Cut all food in half that flies into the air, avoid dropping food and touching bombs.

Food cutting expert in Sushi Slicer

Cut food in half

Are you fascinated by Japanese food? There are many dishes here such as rice rolls, sushi, fried shrimp and many other dishes. Each food has a face, making it more prominent and attractive to players. They will be thrown into the air randomly and your task is to cut the food into two. Don't drop any food if you want to go further.

Avoid bombs

Bombs are the most important note in slicing, it is also the only obstacle you need to avoid. You must not touch the bomb or the game will end immediately. There is no mercy, so absolutely do not cut them.

Drop food up to three times

If you accidentally miss or drop any food, you will have up to three tries to miss it. After three times, there is no chance that if you continue to drop the next food, the game will also stop and you need to start playing again from the beginning. Try to limit dropping items to help you go further.

How to cut food

Use simple swipe gestures using the mouse or touching the screen to cut food pieces. The player needs to be quick and accurate in slicing to earn points and progress through the levels. The more accurately and quickly you cut pieces of food, the higher your score will be.

Features of Sushi Slicer

Special foods

During the process of cutting food, you will accidentally encounter some special foods that are equivalent to their special abilities, such as freezing food to help you quickly cut all the fruits, or suddenly increasing the amount of food. up, and some other special abilities that need you to explore. You will discover many special possibilities if you go far.

Seamless game stage

Like Slice Masters, a stage is equivalent to a level, the game goes on non-stop until you use up all your hearts or hit a bomb. The stage is set to record your progress and increase in difficulty as you progress further. To get used to the game, start at a slow speed, as you progress further, the speed gradually becomes faster and the difficulty is equivalent.

Attractive and lovely images

Sushi Slicer leads us into the world of Japanese cuisine. Typical dishes such as sushi, rice rolls, rice balls, fried shrimp and many others are adorned with 2D colors along with facial expressions to create a lively, lovely look in each character. The graphics are colorful and vibrant, providing a visually appealing experience. The food pieces are depicted in a cartoon style, adding to the fun atmosphere of the game. Surely you will be fascinated by such beautiful and lovely graphics. The game will introduce you to a diverse cuisine and forget the way back.