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Fruit Slasher

Fruit Slasher challenges players to cut all the fruit with precision and speed. Cut as much fruits as possible, don't let them drop and touch the bombs.

Fruit Slasher master in Fruit Slasher

Various fruits such as kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, along with many other fruits will be thrown in the air. The goal is to use the knife and swipe the screen to cut all the fruit in half. Try to slash all the fruits without making mistakes. The game will not stop until you make a mistake, so focus hard on prolonging your playing progress.

Use up to three slides

One of the limits of this game is a maximum of three misses or leaving the fruit uncut. If you use up the maximum turn, the odds of continuing the game will be narrowed until you miss the fourth fruit. So limit slipping to play as long as possible.

Bombs are obstacles that need to be avoided

Doesn't require too many challenges, players just need to be careful about touching bombs. If you touch one of them, the game will immediately stop even though you still have the ability to play longer. The game will return to the beginning and the fruit cutting process will begin again. Be careful with your every move so you don't hit any bombs. The further you go, the more difficult the game will be. You need to concentrate hard to avoid making mistakes.

Some tips to achieve high scores

Quickly and accurately

The requirements of Fruit Slasher and Slice Masters are similar in being quick and accurate, they are the keys to this game. Make quick and precise swipes so the fruit is always cut in half. You also need to observe and find the right time so that the fruit is always cut and not missed. Cutting faster and more accurately will help you avoid making mistakes like slipping on the fruit or touching bombs.

Generate bonus points

To gain more points than cutting a single fruit, cutting multiple fruits at the same time is the most optimal solution. Combos will multiply your points and help you accumulate points faster. You have bonus points from slashing two or more fruits at the same time. The number of bonus points will depend on the number of fruits slashed at the same time, so creating combos is also a challenge for players.

Continuous and non-stop

To end a game, the simplest way is to use up the maximum number of slides allowed or touch a bomb. If you do not make the above mistakes, the game will not stop. The longer you play, the higher the accumulated points and increased experience. After each challenge, accumulate experience for yourself to score higher next time than the previous time. To do this, you also need to be extremely focused and not take your eyes off the game for a moment.