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ASMR Slicing

ASMR Slicing wears headphones and gives players the ASMR experience. A leisurely game that doesn't require much skill, simply cutting things into many slices.

Relax with the ASMR Slicing game

Cut any required objects

The objects displayed on the table are simulated using sand. After each cut, you will experience seeing the inside of the thing. They may have many cores inside and many interesting things waiting for you to explore. For example, a rice ball with the inside filled with shimmering colors, the earth and its inner core or a water block model with fish and underwater creatures inside, ect. How many slices you can cut or how big or small the slices are depends on you.

Unlock other weapons

Each challenge will receive a certain amount of money and accumulate it to be able to buy other weapons. To be able to buy other weapons, you need to exchange a certain amount of money. Diverse knives for you to choose from, collect all the weapons in the store and make them yours.

Take another challenge

In addition to slicing things, in each level there will be a small challenge such as the number to slice, finding the number of fish, ect. After completing a certain challenge, you will unlock another object for the next level.

With each successful challenge, the player will discover a mysterious object. This object can be the thing in the next challenge. Everything is hidden and you will be the one to exploit, explore and unravel it.

Heal the mind with sound

The highlight of this game is its sound. The truth is that no matter how many slices you cut, they sound the same. This is because it focuses on giving players a relaxing sound experience. To hear a lot of sounds, you just need to cut things into many thin slices.

Game for ASMR lovers

ASMR Slicing is inspired by ASMR, which is a response that creates a pleasant, tingling sensation when experienced with certain sounds or images. Specifically in this game, objects are placed on the table and cut into many different slices using a knife. The sound after cutting a slice will make the player feel comfortable and relaxed. Repeating the same action, the sound emitted makes the player satisfied. The game focuses on bringing audio experiences to players so you can immerse yourself in this game without having to pay attention to time or being forced to complete challenges.

To experience this game to the fullest, wear headphones and enjoy the sound thoroughly. This is also the method to heal your soul and mind when you encounter troubles. Similar to this game, Slice Masters also brings a similar experience to players in the ASMR game genre. Choosing a leisurely game or a game that requires skill depends on you. You can also experience the new game after this one.