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Slicing All

Slicing All relaxs with the ASMR genre, an interesting game where you use a knife to cut things and the sound after each slice is a way to heal your soul.

Experience ASMR in Slicing All

Cut everything into different slices

The game starts with any object placed on the table and you use a knife to cut that object into many different slices. Take the knife and cut the object into small slices by clicking or touching the screen and moving the knife from top to bottom. The slices can be thick or thin depending on your preference. After cutting one object, you will move on to another. There is no time limit or any challenge, this game only aims to help you relax.

Listen to the sounds of the slices

When a slice is made, sound will follow. Every time a sound is cut, the sound of these slices is what heals the soul and helps you relax. Because this is an ASMR game that helps heal and relax with sound, please wear headphones to experience the best sound.

Each item will have a different sound after being sliced. Experience this game to listen to these healing sounds. You will feel comfortable, relaxed as well as calm your mood and spirit through this game. This game is perfectly suitable for those who are passionate about ASMR, or if you are not passionate about this genre, believe us, experience this game, it will make you addicted and unable to leave.

Unblocked version

Slicing All is the unblocked version of ASMR Slicing. This is the version that has been changed to remove the restrictions of the original version. The benefit of this version is that it gives you an experience that is no different from the original version and the improvement in being able to play without a network. This is the biggest advantage of this game. In addition, some games on our website have many games that do not require an internet connection and can still be accessed as well as save unfinished gameplay from the previous play.