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Parkour Race

Parkour Race is where you will take on the role of talented parkour athletes and perform spectacular runs and jumps on tracks full of obstacles.

Fun Running And Jumping Obstacle Course Game

Entering the game, you will find yourself standing in front of a challenging Parkour arena. Your task is to guide your character through walls, overcome barriers, jump over sliding surfaces and perform extremely spectacular jumps. Use all your abilities to reach maximum speed and surpass your opponents in dramatic races.

In this game, you will encounter many different types of obstacles, from high walls, peaked pipes, to dangerous gaps. You need skill and quick reflexes to get Knife Ninja through them smoothly. Remember that every second of calculation and accuracy is important to win.

Game modes

Solo Mode: Challenge yourself and complete Parkour levels independently. You will face obstacles and challenges in each level and try to overcome them as quickly as possible. Solo mode allows you to focus on developing your skills, discover optimal paths and feel the excitement of Parkour racing.

Multiplayer Mode: Challenge friends or players around the world. You will compete directly with other athletes to see who reaches the finish line first. Multiplayer mode brings an element of competition and excitement, as you will have to show off your skill and speed to be crowned champion. Show your talent and win this dramatic race.

Time Trial Mode: This is a game mode that focuses on achieving the best time record. You will try to complete Parkour levels in the shortest time possible. This mode requires you to combine speed, skill and efficiency to overcome obstacles and achieve the best time. You can compare your performance with other players on the leaderboard and challenge yourself to improve your record.