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Fruit Master

Fruit Master ready for the fruit cutting challenge? Embark on an exciting adventure of making fruit smoothies and exercising your knife cutting talent.

Make a smoothie for the summer

Summer is here, the sweltering summer heat makes people become more thirsty. And there's nothing better than a refreshing glass of smoothie. What smoothie do you like to drink? Here we have many types such as apple smoothie, watermelon smoothie, pineapple orange smoothie, watermelon apple smoothie, ect. Before grinding, it is necessary to chop them and perform knife throwing.

The task in this game is to cut fruit into small pieces to make smoothies. The fruits will move around in the air and you need to throw the knife properly at them. If you miss a beat, you may have to do the challenge again from the beginning. There is no limit to the number of knife throws during the challenge as long as you cut all the fruit moving in the air.

If you accidentally miss the knife throw, you will repeat that level until you successfully pass and proceed to the next level. The difficulty of the level will gradually increase as the fruit's movement speed will increase. Do you feel the slow speed changing to a steady speed as you go through many levels? The faster the fruit moves, the more likely you are to get distracted and increase your chances of slipping. Especially when there are a few fruits left to be cut, determining the right time to throw the knife will determine whether you complete the challenge and pass or not.

Other functions

Complete a level

To complete a level, you need to successfully make three smoothies. Each smoothie has a different flavor and is mixed with a certain number of fruits. Delicious smoothies are perfect for this exciting summer. Show off your knife skills while making fruit to entertain everyone.

Unlock other weapons

There are a total of more than 15 different types of knives for you to choose from. To own any knife, you need to pay 250 VND. Completing challenges will help you accumulate money and use it to collect knives.

How to become a knife master

The timing is appropriate and precise

The turbulence of the fruits in the air can make you lose focus, but stay calm and focus on the fruits closest to the knife. Don't rush to make the wrong move if you don't want to stop. Take advantage of the slow moving fruit periods and practice throwing knives.

Take advantage of previous mistakes

Practicing is the main skill to help you play this game well. Learn from failure from previous attempts and gain experience for yourself so you don't make the same mistakes again. But the most important thing in this game is being calm, using a cool head to play and conquer it.

Fruit Master really brings you a meaningful summer. Make smoothies and perform the art of knife throwing, showing off your talent for everyone to see. The game as well as Slice Masters promises to make players feel really comfortable and relaxed. Join now and prove your talent.