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Pokemon Clickers

Pokemon Clickers brings you to the colorful and vibrant Pokemon world. Unique experience combining simple clicker with the joy of collecting legendary Pokemon.

Search for Pokemon in Pokemon Clickers

Create multiple Pikachu clickers

In this game, start with an adorable Pikachu and your mission is to create as many Pikachus as possible. You just need to click on Pikachu to collect the clicker. Use the clicker to exchange for Pokeballs, magical balls that can help you create Pikachu automatically without clicking the mouse. You can also upgrade Pokeballs to speed up Pikachu creation and unlock other types of Pokemon.

Increase Pikachu creation speed

To speed up the speed of creating Pikachu and unlocking other Pokemon characters, you need smooth coordination between clicker and Pokeball.

  • Clicker: The main tool to create Pikachu. The more you click, the more Pikachu you can create.
  • Pokeball: Supports automatic creation of Pikachu. Upgrading Pokeball will help speed up Pikachu creation and unlock new Pokemon.

Pokemon appearing in the game

Every time you create a certain number of Pikachu, you will have the opportunity to unlock a new Pokemon. There are many different types of Pokemon in the game, from common ones like Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, to rare and powerful ones like Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-oh, and even legendary ones like Arceus, Dialga , Palkia. In addition, you will also meet some familiar characters in Monkey Mart.

Pokemon Clickers is a fun and exciting game, giving you the feeling of participating in an adventure in the Pokemon world. What are you waiting for, visit Pokemon Clickers today and start your journey!