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Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart plays the cute monkey who manages the supermarket. Grow and sell fruits; hire and train employees; buy and use machinery and scale your business. Upgrade your abilities, employees, and machines to earn more money and grow your supermarket.

Run a supermarket managed by monkeys

The game starts with a small supermarket, which has some basic products. You need to sell to customers to make money and expand your supermarket, buy more products and equipment.

Product Management

You need to grow fruits in the garden, harvest them and put them on the shelves. You also need to pay attention to inventory levels and ensure there are always enough products for customers.

Serving customers

Stand near the cashier to collect money from customers when they get enough products. Serve customers quickly and friendly so they are satisfied and return to the supermarket.

Hiring sales

As the supermarket grows, you can hire more employees to help with sales, cleaning, and product placement. You also need to train your employees to work efficiently and proactively.

Upgrade supermarket

Do you have ambitions to expand your business capabilities? Expand the area, decorate the supermarket according to your preferences and attract more customers. Buy machines that can process premium products like chocolate, coffee, yogurt, popcorn, peanut butter, pies, cookies, ice cream, and more. Also, unlock new supermarkets with many new products and customers. Try wearing unique hats and manage the supermarket in your own style.

Save your progress and play offline

This is the most special feature of this game. In contrast to games that require a network to access, you can easily play it even without a network. The game will even save your playing process so that it will be preserved every time you play next. You can also easily see some games on our website that can still be accessed without the internet like Slicing All. Come along and experience it now.

Special points

  • Funny, lively graphics.
  • Easy gameplay, suitable for all ages.
  • Many products and equipment to choose from.
  • Rich mission system, bringing many challenges.