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Knife Way Up

Knife Way Up demonstrates throwing knives at flexible moving boards. This is a more advanced and complex game than Knife Ninja, a regular board jumping game.

Specifically about the game

Throw a knife at the board

Knife throwing game is top notch and more difficult than regular knife throwing games. With regular knife throwing games, your task is to throw a certain number of knives into the board, but for this top knife throwing game, you only need to throw one knife at the board, taking advantage of the rotate the board to move the knife from one board to another.

Move from one board to another

The difficulty of the boards is that some boards rotate around in a fixed place and some boards will move to increase difficulty. Be highly concentrated and timed to move from one board to another so that the knife does not fly out. If the knife flies out, the game will end and the system will record the points you have earned. A successful move to another board is awarded one point.

The difficulty increases steadily

At the beginning of the game, the pace of the game will be slow for you to get used to, as you progress, the difficulty increases rapidly as the boards no longer stand still in place but will move flexibly back and forth. Or the speed of moving from one board to another is faster, requiring you to do it quickly and accurately.

How to move the knife

Moving the knife is not difficult. You just need to choose the right time for the knife to move from one board to another by clicking or touching the screen.