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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is an addictive endless video game where the bird goes through water pipes without hitting any of them. For each successful pass, you get one point.

Help the bird go through the water pipes

You have the task of bringing the main character, a bird, that can fly by clicking through the space between two water pipes. The bird cannot control its flight, so you need to click for it to fly. Depending on the number of clicks and the distance of the clicks, you can adjust the flight high or low. The more you click, the higher the bird will fly, and if you don't click, the bird will automatically fall down, so make sure the bird always flies in the frame.

The main obstacles are green water pipes on both sides of the top and bottom screen. The water pipes are arranged haphazardly and you need to go through the gap between the two water pipes to get one point.

The difficult challenge in this game is that the gaps between the water pipes are not the same, so you need to adjust the bird's flight very flexibly. Just a small mistake makes you have to try again, get a higher score than the previous challenge.

How many points can you earn?

The game does not limit how far players can go and how many times they can try, with all their efforts to earn as many points as possible. According to statistics from articles, there are people who own the maximum score of 9999, an ideal number for patient players. And do you wonder what will happen after this number, so many experienced players are also experimenting many times to discover that hidden secret. With all your efforts, how many points can you earn from this game?