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Tetris is a classic puzzle game that now has an online version. Arrange the geometric shapes so that they fill the space without leaving any gaps.

Puzzle legend in online version

Use blocks of 7 different shapes, called Tetromino, falling from above. Your task is to rotate and move these blocks to form complete horizontal rows. When a horizontal row is completed, it disappears, creating more space for the next block. The game ends when the blocks stack up and reach the top of the screen.

The online version is available, considered a rebirth of the classic game. With improved graphics and music, Tetris offers a unique audiovisual experience, turning each game into a symphony of sound and light. This game not only retains the core of Tetris but also enhances the experience with new game modes and impressive visual effects.

Tetris brings a feeling of excitement and satisfaction when you can form complete horizontal lines, making you want to play forever. It is proven to train the brain, improve concentration, logical thinking and problem-solving abilities, so everyone is perfectly suitable to play it.

Other classic games

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