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Totemia Cursed Marbles

Totemic Cursed Marbles takes players to the mystical world of Totemia, explore mysteries and solve ancient curses using the power of gemstones.

Protect the temple

Play as a brave little frog, defending an ancient temple from oncoming marbles. Your task is to shoot different colored balls rolling on a fixed path to prevent them from reaching the yellow skull-shaped structure. The main objective is to remove all the balls by creating chains of three or more balls of the same color so that they disappear before reaching the end. You need to be quick and precise to complete the levels, each level has its own path and challenges.

Although the gameplay is simple, this game requires concentration and agility. You will have to make split-second decisions and aim accurately to eliminate the marbles quickly. The levels in Zuma are designed to be challenging, with the balls moving faster and the levels increasing in complexity.

Types of gemstones

The common feature of these gemstones is to slow down the process of the ball chain moving towards the temple. However, each type will have different characteristics:

  • Green marble: When you destroy a chain of balls with this marble, it can create a large explosion, eliminating many balls around it.
  • Red marble: It has the ability to slow down the speed of the ball chain, giving you more time to react.
  • Golden marbles: Often create bonus points or other special effects such as doubling scores for a short time.
  • Purple marble: It can give you an accurate shot, helping you remove the ball in a hard-to-reach location.