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Smash Karts

Smash Karts not only requires outmaneuvering opponents with cunning tracks, but also uses an array of weapons to eliminate them from the race.

Exploding speed, stirring up the battlefield

Are you ready for explosive and dramatic kart racing? Join Smash Karts, an online racing and combat game that will bring you extremely unique and thrilling experiences!

Experience top speed

Enter a colorful world with uniquely designed karts, ready to break all speed limits. Go through winding, challenging roads, demonstrating your skillful driving skills and sharp ability to handle situations. Immerse yourself in vibrant, engaging music that stirs your fighting spirit.

Fight without mercy

More than just a race for speed, collect and use unique weapons, from missiles, bombs to freezing traps, to take down your opponents and win. Use smart tactics, skillfully combining speed and strength to become the ruler of the battlefield. Compete with other players from around the world, asserting your level and class.

Prepare before the competition

If you are a person who focuses on appearance, refreshing your Kart is something you should not ignore. There are countless Kart designs for you to choose from and to own them, you need a certain amount of money and this money is earned from races. If you want to own a lot of money, there is no other way than to rank high in competitions. In addition, you can also change other characters such as cats, monkeys, ect along with different costumes you want to choose.

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