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Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel is submerged in endless space, running non-stop at high speed. Move the ball through a colorful tunnel and avoid differently shaped obstacles.

Explore the wonderful world of color in Color Tunnel

Similar to Tunnel Rush, this game takes you on a journey through colorful tunnels. Your task is to control a constantly moving ball, avoiding collisions with different colorful walls and obstacles.

The tunnel is always moving with many bright colors that can make you dizzy and distracted. By focusing on the ball, help it move without touching the obstacles ahead for as long as possible.

This is an endless game so there is no stopping point, simply don't touch the obstacles, you can move freely. The deeper you go, the higher your score means the challenge becomes heavier, the speed increases and the obstacles become more unpredictable.

How to conquer high scores

  • Practice reflex skills: The game requires you to react quickly to color changes. Practice your reflexes by playing games regularly.
  • Observe the color patterns closely: Observe closely the color patterns that appear and notice their changes. This will help you predict your next movements.
  • Use effective moving techniques: Move gently and precisely to avoid touching the walls. Avoid movements that are too fast or sudden.
  • Gradually increase the speed: Once you get used to the game, gradually increase the speed to challenge yourself.
  • Focus and Patience: Stay focused and patient. The game requires you to play with concentration and consistency.