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Plants VS Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense strategy game where you use genetically engineered plants to fight off hordes of aggressive zombies attacking your home.

Fun battle between plants and Zombies

Zombies are planning to invade Earth and your home is the ideal place for their target. Determined not to be defeated, the farmer is also the friend who gathers plants to protect his home.

Zombies faction

Zombies are gathering troops to take over your home. Each animal has a different ability to survive. To know the number of all types of Zombies, you can refer to the information section at the beginning of the game.

Plant faction

Before each match you will be able to choose a number of plants, choose some basic plants and some plants with other functions. During combat, you will learn the abilities of all plants and unlocking new characters is also sought after.

Many interesting modes

In addition to Classic mode, the competition between plants and Zombies, preventing them from entering the house and unlocking new plants; Then there are some other modes with some interesting challenges. This is also a fun place to unlock new characters and practice some more skills.

The never-ending war between plants and Zombies, a strategy game loved by many people with an online version that helps players experience the game as quickly as possible. Additionally, you can also refer to Gold Miner, a classic game that is equally interesting.