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Gold Miner

Gold Miner makes your dream of becoming a gold miner come true. Pick up all the valuables from the ground within the given time to complete the goal.

Exciting gold mining adventure

Play the role of a brave miner, with the task of digging and finding gold mines hidden deep underground. Use tools to pick up valuable objects such as gold and diamonds. Among them, diamonds are the most valuable items. They can be retrieved quickly, but they are often in difficult-to-get locations. Gold bars come in many different sizes, have different values, and take different times. The larger the gold, the longer it will take to get, so consider carefully to complete the goal.

Each round is a different goal, and these goals will grow larger. There is a corresponding time and you need to set it equal to or higher than the set goal to enter the next level. The following levels require you to be even faster to reach the goal, otherwise the game will stop, and return to the beginning.

Use support during the picking process

The challenges become more and more difficult as the required goals become higher and the time becomes shorter and shorter. Sometimes support is needed to help you complete tasks faster. Items like bombs, clover, ect have uses for each of its functions. Look at the instructions for each item in the store and choose the item you want to use. Each support item is only effective in the current challenge, not applicable to many other challenges.