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Pico Park

Pico Park needs to coordinate well with many players to overcome obstacles. At least three players are required, so invite your friends to play together.

Get along with teammates

This is a game that requires at least two people and a maximum of 8 players to be able to overcome tough challenges. Invite your friends to play together and test your chemistry and understanding to overcome obstacles together. Although the game is simple, it focuses on interaction between players, so understanding is very important.

There are more than 40 different levels with different difficulty levels, coordinate well with your friends to complete the challenge together. This is also a game that tests the understanding of friendship, it can tell you whether you understand each other or not.

Use each character's unique skills, positions, and abilities to overcome obstacles, while finding ways to string actions together effectively. Only when the team works well and understands the role of each member can they achieve their goals.

Perfect choice for gatherings of friends

Are you looking for a fun, entertaining game to bond your friendship? Pico Park is the perfect choice for you. The game not only brings exciting moments of entertainment but also helps you and your friends enhance coordination, communication and mutual understanding.

48 different levels in the game, each with a unique design, each level brings new challenges and requires cooperation between players to complete. You will be able to reveal all your abilities to test how well you understand each other.

If you have conquered all the challenges of the game, you can try Duet Cats Cute Cat Music, another game that also requires the coordination of many players to complete the challenge.