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Duet Cats Cute Cat Music

Duet Cats Cute Cat Music accompanies cute cats, moving to the beat and completing quests to collect food, unlock new cats and discover fresh melodies.

Quests in Duet Cats Cute Cat Music

Caring for and raising cats

Your first task is to care for and raise adorable cats. You need to make sure they eat well, play, and receive love and attention from you. Regularly check your cat's health and meet its needs to keep them healthy and happy.

Play games with cats

The game is also the main mission of Duet Cats Cute Cat Music, feeding two cats ice cream. The special thing about this game is that every time the cat eats ice cream, it will make a sound and the ice cream will fall in sync with each beat of the music. This means that if the tempo is fast, the ice cream will also fall quickly and vice versa. You must make sure both cats get ice cream, if one of them doesn't get ice cream, the game will end. Finish eating ice cream by playing until the song ends to get full points, points will be converted into money.

Decorate and customize your living environment

From the money from playing the ice cream challenge, make your house more beautiful and rich by buying more household items and buying more cats. Your house will be filled with cats just the way you want.

Control the cats

Complete the ice cream eating challenge by having the cat on the left use the ASD key, and the cat on the right using the JKL key.

Other tasks are performed by clicking the mouse or touching the screen.