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House Paint

House Paint is a simple but extremely engaging puzzle game where you are tasked with refreshing pure white houses by painting them in a variety of colors.

Color your dream house

Become a house painter who paints all over a house that is empty of color. Move the paint roller to each location and cover one side of the house. Use the arrow keys or swipe the screen to move the paint roller.

The paint roller can only move in a straight line vertically and horizontally, it cannot move flexibly so you need to use your strategy, leaning on the edges of the wall to move the paint roller. The house will become more beautiful if it is covered with a new, more beautiful coat of paint. And after each challenge, the game will signal the completion of the painting with fireworks and cheers, sounds really exciting, right?

The attraction of House Paint game

The game has more than 50 different levels and each level is a different challenge. In each level are different houses with different designs, unleash your painting style so that the house is completely covered in paint.

The game is designed to be completely suitable for many audiences, especially children. Unleash your creativity in this game to train your thinking and reflexes.

Beautiful graphic design, smooth control mechanism and unique game idea along with hand-sucking sounds will definitely appeal to players. This is a game with gentle gameplay, very suitable for those who love gentle intellectual games. If you love such gentle games, Flappy Bird is the next stop that you can refer to.