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Among Us

Among Us is a hunt between astronauts and a murderous impostor. In it, you will play the role of an impostor who kills astronauts without anyone finding out.

Play the role of a cunning impostor

On a spaceship, unfortunately the car accidentally crashed into a fossil, causing it to have an opening and accidentally discovered by an alien serial killer and sneaked in. In order to blend into this spaceship, it disguised itself as one of the astronauts to carry out its plot to kill people. Signaling all the astronauts on board to find and discover the killer and to pretend to be with them and kill without letting anyone know.

The execution time is within a certain period of time, so don't hesitate too much to find the right time to kill someone without anyone detecting it. And don't be too hasty or hasty or you will be discovered. Walk around all the compartments in the spaceship as well as put prey in the appropriate position to do your mission. The game will end when you fail if discovered or succeed if no one discovers, remember, just kill one person to complete the mission.

The entertainment of this game

This game is a social networking phenomenon that many people are interested in Lines FRVR, and now it has an online version for players so you can access it at any time. Not only is it extremely entertaining, it also helps you practice good thinking while playing. Once you've mastered this game, why not try ? An equally interesting game, connect the dots with dots and don't let them miss any dots. The game is not only for entertainment but it also helps you train and stimulate your thinking.