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Lines FRVR

Lines FRVR is a colorful and fun puzzle game that connects dots of the same color by drawing lines and making sure every path on the board is covered.

Connect points in Lines FRVR

Your goal is to create lines by connecting points of the same color on a grid. Connect the points, create lines and make sure they cover the grid, without missing any dots. There are many ways to connect the dots and get the same answer, so you can freely be creative when taking on challenges. The difficulty of the game is to carefully plan the moves, considering the limited space on the grid and the location of the points so that the dots are completely covered. Only then can you advance to the next level, which is more difficult and complex. Many times you think it's simple, but the game doesn't want to be simple, it needs to be complicated and you need to follow them.

The difficulty of the challenges increase gradually

The game starts with simple levels, helping players get acquainted with the game's mechanics and goals. Gradually, the levels will become more complex, requiring players to think more strategically and creatively to solve. Each level comes in three versions: easy, normal and hard, ensuring that there is enough challenge for every player, from beginners to experienced ones. Lines FRVR is not only an entertaining game but also a great exercise for the brain. It enhances skills such as problem solving, pattern recognition and strategic thinking. The game's progressive difficulty ensures that players are always challenged and motivated to improve their skills.