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Super Slime

Super Slime gives you a slime playing experience no different from the real thing. You can play with available slime or create your own slime to your liking.

Explore Slime World

Play with available Slime

In this game, you will join a colorful world of slime. You can choose from a variety of different types of slime, from glitter slime to glowing slime, each with its own unique characteristics and feel to play with.

Create your own Slime

The game allows you to create custom slime with many options for colors, materials, and even add accessories like glitter or sponges. You can experiment with different ingredients to create your perfect slime.

Real ASMR experience

Super Slime brings a real feeling like playing with real slime. The sound of slime being kneaded and squeezed will help you feel relaxed and reduce stress. This is a great way to relax after a long, stressful day.

A form of ASMR will be experienced in Slice Masters. Unlike kneading slime, this game uses a knife to cut objects and each cut will make a sound. The sound of the knife also gives players comfort and relaxation. You can choose which form of stress relief you want. There are also many other ASMR games on our website that you can experience. Visit and find you the game you love the most.