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Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer game with battle royale and obstacle course style. It offers an exciting experience for players to participate in unique races.

Multiplayer racing at Stumble Guys

Control a bean-shaped character, trying to overcome obstacles and difficult challenges on the track. Along the way, you will have to dodge stairs, ladders, tridents and countless other obstacles. At the same time, you will also compete with other players to see who will reach the finish line first.

To reach the championship position, you need to pass many different rounds and the deeper you go, the more intense it becomes because the obstacles will be more complicated. You need to move smoothly and quickly to the finish line. Each time you are hindered by an obstacle, it will waste your time, so try to limit hitting obstacles. And in each round the obstacles will be different so you need to grasp and take advantage of their principles to help you reach the finish line quickly.

After each round, you will receive certain rewards, it can be new skins or money. Put on a new skin to create freshness and stand out among the many players participating in the competition.

Multiplayer feature in this game

This is a battle of many competitors around the world, there is no limit to the number of participants, but the champion only has one position and everyone desires to have it. Do you want to be the champion in this multiplayer competition?

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