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Soccer Random

Soccer Random explores a surprising and exciting experience in the world of king sport. Matches full of surprises and humor, with simple one-button control.

Immerse yourself in dramatic random matches

Are you passionate about the king sport but don't have much time for fierce matches? Then Soccer Random is the perfect choice for you!

This is a two-player game where you will control smooth pixel players, perform beautiful shots, jumps and headers to score goals against the opponent's net. The special feature of the game lies in its high randomness. The force of the shot, the direction of the ball and even the player's position after each click can all change unexpectedly, creating dramatic and unpredictable football scenes.

Possessing simple but extremely addictive gameplay; With just one button, you can control all the player's actions, from moving, jumping to kicking the ball. However, to score successfully requires you to skillfully combine force, direction and timing of button presses. A little bit of luck will also contribute to creating beautiful and unexpected goals.

Exciting two-player feature

The game has two modes: one player and two players; You can choose which mode you want and it's even more fun to play with your friends: Player one uses the WASD keys and player two uses the arrow keys. The important thing is that you have good understanding with each other so that in this random soccer game, you can always catch the ball and score into your opponent's net. Prove you and your friend's chemistry in this two-player game!