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Soap Cutting

Soap Cutting belongs to the ASMR game, where you cut soap into small pieces to discover shapes and objects inside and the main highlight is its sound.

The idea of this game

Soap Cutting is taken from popular entertainment on social networks, specifically YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, ect platforms. Viewers will sit and watch as the soap is cut into small pieces to explore inside. They can hide different colors and objects inside the soap, which is considered eye-catching. At the same time, the sound emitted from the soap is the second auditory attraction. Viewers can thoroughly enjoy such a form of relaxation. From the above characteristics, what if you experience cutting soap yourself and enjoy it? That's why this game was born.

Explore inside the soap

Use a sharp knife to cut a horizontal line, and immediately small shapes of soap will appear one after another. Cut more layers, you will see something in the soap and need to cut all the layers until all the soap is gone.

Sound is also a part of making the game more attractive. If you are a fan of the ASMR genre, this game or ASMR Slicing will definitely satisfy you mentally. Relax and feel comfortable when listening to sound and have the best experience when wearing headphones to avoid being disturbed by other sounds.