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Rabbids Raid

Rabbids Raid enters a funny and crazy world, where Rabbids cause trouble and you must stop them before it's too late. Use plunges to shoot them down.

End the chaos caused by the Rabbids

The chaotic invasion of the Rabbids gives you too much headache and discomfort. To avoid encountering them, you are equipped with a vacuum pump whose task is to catch the Rabbids running around everywhere. Your goal is to keep hitting running targets by tapping or clicking on the screen. Complete the challenge as soon as possible so the festival goes smoothly.

The Rabbids are taking over the festival, and they need to be stopped! Start the challenge and do your best to end the chaos. Just grab your pump and get ready! Aim and shoot at the mischievous bunnies in Rabbids Raid! Be careful and end the rabbit invasion by capturing every target.

Features of the game

The game consists of 3 quick levels, taking you through different parts of the theme park and even collecting some cool power-ups. The Midway Mayhem level puts you in the heart of the amusement park, where you must quickly hit the running Rabbids. With the Furry Frenzy level, you will face an even more chaotic horde of Rabbids, with more obstacles and challenges to collect points. The final level - Big Top Bonanza takes you into the circus area where you need to use all your skills to catch the bunnies and complete the game.

Besides, there are 5 types of enhancement items for you to enhance your skills for a limited time. However, you also need to be careful! You only have 4 lives, so try not to let the monstrous rabbits escape or get hit.