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Party Toons

Party Toons is a colorful and fun team game where you and your friends can participate in exciting adventures together, perfect for large gatherings.

Races for multiplayer

This game can be played by many people, perfectly suitable for meetings with relatives and friends. Demonstrate good team chemistry or bring entertainment to players playing together.

The exciting party of pets has many great games to play. And each different challenge requires players to bounce numbers quickly or they will be eliminated. Find the only winner until the last round and after each challenge, there are new challenges that do not overlap with the previous game. Not only does it create attraction and novelty for players, but it also provides great entertainment. Extremely challenging and think quickly to adapt to the test requirements.

Not only playing with relatives and friends, you can also play with many people around the world when you choose solo play mode. Players can participate in game rooms with many others, creating extremely exciting and competitive matches. So whether you are alone or with companions, it's fun in your own way.

Unlock skins

With single player mode, you can add a new function, which is to add skins to change your appearance. And to get new skins, you need coins and if you want to own them, you need to win high prizes in battles. The only winner will receive the most reward and the second, third and last place will receive less money. So try to achieve high prizes to quickly unlock the skin you want.