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Papa's Scooperia

Papa's Scooperia is an arcade-style restaurant management game where you run your own ice cream shop and serve delicious cakes to customers. Play as a new employee at Papa's Scooperia ice cream shop, located in the heart of Oniontown.

Plot of this game

In Papa's Scooperia, you are traveling to a big city and unfortunately lose all your luggage and money. Luckily, Papa Louie shows up on time and offers you a job at his new ice cream shop in Oniontown. Seizing this opportunity, you begin the journey to conquer customers' taste buds with creative and colorful cream puffs.

Discover the joy of ice cream making at Papa's Scooperia

There are four main stages when working at this ice cream shop. The steps you need to take include:

  • Taking orders: Customers will enter the store and order cream puffs according to their preferences. You need to carefully remember each order to avoid making mistakes.
  • Cook ice cream: Use an ice cream maker to create ice cream balls with different flavors. Have some basic flavors and make the flavor the customer requests.
  • Decorating the cream puffs: After you have the cream, you need to decorate the cream puffs with attractive toppings such as syrup, crumbs, candy, etc. Make the cream puffs eye-catching and stimulating. customer's taste buds.
  • Serve customers: Bring completed cream puffs to customers' tables and collect payment. Make sure to serve them on time and as requested to receive high ratings.

Make ice cream and gain experience with one of the most important dishes that every chef should know. Show off your cooking talent through this game and don't forget to show off your knife skills in Slice Masters, one of the basic skills that every chef needs to have.