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One Line Only: Dot To Dot

One Line Only: Dot To Dot connects points with a single line. Get ready to start your journey of connecting the dots and discover the puzzle genius within you.

Draw a line connecting the dots

Your goal is to draw a single line to connect all the points. Each level consists of a table of given points, and you must find a way to draw a line in space to connect them without crossing the previously connected point. Lines must not intersect or overlap. Your task is to find a way to connect all the dots correctly and complete each level.

This is a game that trains thinking, increases recognition ability as well as quickness in observation, the game stimulates brain development so if you love this genre, don't forget to try Brain Test 2, Happy Glass.

Diversity of challenges

Increased challenges

Besides the goal you need to achieve, remember to pay attention to the time it takes to complete a challenge. The number of stars you receive corresponds to the time it takes to complete the challenge. If you want to get all three stars, think and be quick or you will miss out.

Many different topics

The game synthesizes many different challenges for you to choose from. Various themes are also waiting for you to unlock. To be able to experience many themes, you need to complete all the challenges that the game offers.

You can unlock other themes based on stars or diamonds. Stars are obtained from completing challenges. Diamonds are obtained from surprise gifts, which can be unlocked after three hours.