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Music Line V

Music Line V navigates a line through a vibrant world pulsating with music, avoiding obstacles and traps set to the beat of various soundtracks.

Navigate the line in the world of music

The gameplay is not complicated, simply help the line go on the outlined path without falling out or crashing into obstacles. Especially on curves, you must turn accurately so as not to turn too early or too late, otherwise you will fall off the road. Just one little mistake, you will have to try again from the beginning. Completing the song without getting hurt is the goal of this game.

Besides avoiding obstacles, pay attention to the diamonds that appear on the road. It's not much, and it's not required; Conquering them all in one song is a more difficult challenge for the player and should not be missed if you are an experienced player.

Enjoy various music

This game includes many different songs of many different genres. Each genre has different fast and slow rhythms, very suitable for beginners or experienced people. Start with a slow-paced song to get used to the game. When you have more experience, try more difficult challenges with fast-paced songs. The songs will be arranged in order from easy to difficult, corresponding to slow to fast and extremely fast tempo songs.

Through this game, you will see that your ability to concentrate and your eyesight will improve through this game. Don't just listen to music, imagine yourself playing music and immersing yourself in the music. If you are sensitive to music or like to relax with sounds like ASMR Slicing, wear headphones to experience music in the most authentic way.