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Master of Numbers

Master of Numbers is a mobile game that combines entertainment and math elements, where you have to overcome obstacles by performing quick calculations.

The game challenges your agility and strategic thinking!

Your task is to control a number moving on the track and collect numbers with equal or less value than your number to increase the value. However, you need to be careful to avoid collisions with numbers of larger values, as a collision will cause you to fail immediately.

To be successful in the game, you need to use simple addition and subtraction operations to calculate quickly and make accurate decisions. This helps you move smartly and collect the right numbers to increase the value of your numbers.

In addition, on the track there are also obstacles such as lakes, gaps and minus numbers. You need to skillfully overcome them to continue navigating your number to the finish line. Your ultimate goal is to reach the finish line with the highest value possible, while avoiding collisions and overcoming obstacles.

Benefits of this game

Because this is a game related to mathematics, it helps players practice their ability to calculate quickly, reason logically, and solve problems effectively. At the same time, it requires players to concentrate highly to observe, calculate and make accurate decisions. In addition, you can test your intelligence in other intellectual games like Brain Test 2, situations that need to be applied from the principles of life to solve puzzles.

The game not only helps players relieve stress and relax after tiring hours of studying and working, but it also helps them practice their ability to plan, make decisions and solve problems creatively.