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Iron Snout

Iron Snout comes to the fight for survival of a brave little pig. Taking control of the pig, you will fight against ferocious wolves with skilled kungfu skills.

Protect the pig village

Play the role of a small but heroic pig. Your mission is to protect the village and fight to destroy the approaching hordes of crazy wolves and Hungry Shark Arena. Get ready to confront the fierce wolves and protect the village from invasion!

Fight the wolf army for as long as possible. Pay attention to your life with the health bar at the top of the screen. Try to keep it up for a long time if you don't want to become a piece of bacon. Once injured, you will lose one life and you have a maximum of ten damage before being turned into food by mad wolves.

Fight With Courage

Iron Snout focuses on speed and courage. You will have to face fierce wolves and fight for the advantage. Use reflex and evasion skills and launch combo attacks to defeat your opponents. Each match is full of tension and only the strongest can protect the village and survive!

Upgrade Skills and Weapons

During the gameplay, you can collect coins and record points to upgrade your skills and weapons. Unlock new attacks, increase your strength and speed, and become a true iron pig warrior. Use weapons like baseball bats, knives and more to kill wolves quickly and effectively.

How to fight

Use the arrow keys to launch attacks

Double jump multiple times to hit higher