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Garden Bloom

Garden Bloom is a classic match-3 style game with a garden theme. Your task is to match at least 3 flowers of the same color to score points.

Match-3 flowers challenges

For each mission, you will match flowers of at least three or more flowers, and in each mission there are different requirements such as the number of roses, yellow flowers, or green frames, ect. Complete the mission with the fewest moves possible to receive a maximum of three stars. Intellectual games focus on the player's thinking ability, choosing each step to achieve the same result, completing the first task. Challenges will become increasingly more difficult as more requirements are introduced, but the number of moves is limited.

Rebuild the land

The newlywed couple's land had an uninvited guest come and destroy the whole house. To restore their house, they must follow the instructions of a magical book, which will require them to perform a number of tasks. If they are successful, a corner of the house will be restored. remodel. No need to worry about not being able to repair the house, you can complete the challenge again and again until you succeed, and the house is still repaired.

Each part is a different remodel, starting from the backyard first, you need to perform tasks to repair the flower bed, backyard tiles, chairs, ect. And after completing all the backyard renovations, next comes the renovation of the farmland, the house and the land outside.