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Flip Bottle

Flip Bottle is a social media phenomenon that uses a plastic bottle filled with water, and needs to flip the bottle so that it stands upright on a flat surface.

Originating from the social network phenomenon

Starting from an idle clip of a student having too much free time at school, he accidentally came up with the idea of tossing a water bottle up and unexpectedly it stood straight after being rotated. What's more remarkable is that when his friend uploaded this clip on social networks, countless viewers also felt extremely impressed and enjoyed this idle game.

With the fast speed of social networks, it has become a global social networking phenomenon. And then, countless people did the same thing, uploaded the clip and got more people's attention and shares. Based on this idea, the game Flip Bottle was born.

How to play Flip Bottle

Based on the mechanism of standing upright after being rotated, let the water bottle go as far as possible without falling down. Use mouse click or tap on the screen to make the water bottle start flipping. Click multiple times and the water bottle will flip over many times.

The challenge is more difficult when you need to flip the water bottle over many different objects in the house. It needs to be flipped as long as there is a flat surface and the objects are not the same distance away, so you need to know how to make the water bottle move to another object without falling over. Another game that also needs you to adjust your clicks to be most effective is Slice Masters, when you need a lot of clicks and when you should stop are mixed.