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Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish is the never-ending battle of fish in the ocean. It seems peaceful but is actually fierce competition, and how to survive the longest?

Survival of fish

Under the vast blue ocean, it seems like a peaceful life but it's not really like that. Where the strong survive and the weak are mercilessly destroyed, everyone starts from zero and becomes more thorny each day and is forced to compete if they want to survive in the ocean.

Start from being a small, vulnerable fish that can be turned into food at any time if you are within sight of healthy fish. Train to become stronger by eating creatures smaller than yourself to increase your size. Always take precautions in any place that could be dangerous to your life, because once you are bitten all your efforts will be gone.

The longest way to survive in the ocean

To understand the mechanics of this game, it's not difficult, move your fish with the cursor or touch the screen and go where you want to go.

To survive the longest, the only way is to eat your own kind but in a smaller size. This is the way to help you increase size fastest. At the same time, move around the area around you to grasp the situation of other species and choose which species to eat and which species to avoid.